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Our Services

With 20 years of experience in IT Sales & Services,serving Local, National Commercial & Federal Agencies we welcome the opportunity to be your IT Products & Service Provider with the ultimate goal of earning your satisfaction and trust while providing you with professional services that you deserve. Please contact us with your requirements.


Our ServicesWe believe in understanding of business processes and data relationships are the key to design databases that truly support business requirements. Our database team has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing databases from mainframe to workstations platforms. Our expertise is in Oracle and SQL server databases supporting financial, marketing, web, and engineering applications.

Our objectives are to empower your business units in utilizing databases that are closely contributing to your organization bottom line.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are designed around data warehouse and data mart providing an advantage edge for better and quicker decisions across the organization. Our objectives are to translate information into knowledge by applying data mining techniques to historical data.

This practice will produce a meaningful knowledge about data, in form of patterns and predication. With data mining model you may predict customer purchasing behavior and target marketing campaigns toward selected customers with a better chance of sales.


In today’s competitive market with downsizing of IT budget, organizations need an integration strategy that contains costs and doesn’t disrupt critical working systems. We will work with your team to develop a strategic integration plan that identifies the total integration requirements.

A comprehensive and well-architected plan that is not just solving today’s problem but supporting strategic goals of tomorrow; a plan that provides the greatest flexibility, capability and return. This includes consolidating web, application, and database servers to reduce your operation and licensing costs.

Project Management

Creating a business solution on time and within budget requires a proven approach. A structured process is the key to reduce risks of overrun and late projects. This process should improve the quality of project planning and tracking and provide a higher visibility of critical tasks.

We are strong believer of proven project management knowledge and techniques. With 15 years of project management and certified by globally recognized Project Management Institute (PMI), our project management team is well prepared to lead and manage your projects to success.

You can take advantage of our know-how and large number of proven project templates to:

  • Establish clear project goals, roles, and responsibilities
  • Implement an iterative, milestone-driven process for projects
  • Manage risk proactively
  • Respond to change effectively
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